May 25, 2005

In search of kindred blogs

So I am vaguely trying to find some good liberal blogs at other Ivy League colleges and colleges in general. Blogs that are active, i.e. have been posted on in the past few weeks. Here's what I got so far, basically by Googling "[school name] democrats blog" or "[school name] liberal blog", an admittedly primitive method:

Princeton Progressive Review
Dem Apples: Harvard College Democrats
Lion and the Donkey: Columbia Democrats
Get More Ass: Brown Democrats

That's about it. There are some that looked cool but seem to be defunct (Bulldog Blue). As you can see, the above blogs are all tied to organizations, which is fine, but I'm hoping to find some independent blogs, too, like ours. Does anyone know of any? Is blogging just bigger at Dartmouth?


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I haven't seen an independent blog at columbia, but they do have an active republican, democrat and libertarian blog which all debate with each other, so there is interesting discussion there.

  2. "Just launched, beta version

    Dartmouth College Young Dems Blog"

    nice i just linked to it.