May 15, 2005


So I was just trying out DarTV, the new TV broadcasting over the campus network, for my first time. (Try it out here.) Pretty cool. I was using it on a PC plugged into the wired Ethernet, as it was not working on a Mac laptop I was using in the bottom floor of Silsby. According to Dartmouth, 'A limited selection of channels will also appear, in certain areas of campus, on the "Kiewit Video" wireless network.' So either this area is not one of them or I was doing something wrong.

On the plugged-in PC it was working pretty nicely, though a lot of channels -- Fox News, CNN, Headline News, TV5US (French), and DTV!, for example -- were not working, giving the message "Reception: (No broadcast available)". But the ones that worked were really smooth and fairly clear, like watching on a grainy TV from the 80s, maybe. The interface is probably the most immediately appealing thing: it's really easy to navigate, switch channels (while a small window of the broadcast keeps playing), and get info on the channels, schedules, and programs. Much easier and faster than a normal digital cable or satellite TV.

Has anyone else tried this yet? I am curious if people are having the same problems I am.

Too bad I'm graduating just in time to miss this pretty much. Though I don't really care for TV other than Fox News.

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