January 25, 2007

FNR Presents: Japanther

Friday Night Rock kicks off its winter term with Japanther, a band whose Brooklyn-punk roots, remarkably creative array of past projects, and electronic, noise-rock, and hip-hop influences should provide for a completely different sound and feel than the FNR usual (whatever that may be). The show is, of course, in the venerable Fuel Rocket Club (aka Collis basement). Doors are at 9:30, the show starts at 10.

As Pitchfork describes their recent album, Leather Wings, they seamlessly integrate samples, hip hop beats, and synthesizers with the fuzzed-out, high distortion, double-bass pedal / drum machine raw instrumental power of noise, punk, and metal. Carrying high momentum and pop-melodic structure through transitions from lighter moments to hardcore frenzies, the band promises to be intense.

Japanther, about five years old, has done rock operas, a joint event with synchronized swimmers titled "Dangerous When Wet," and manages to hold its own whether playing at environmental awareness festivals or under a highway overpass. To quote Pitchfork once again, "Leather Wings is the best (only?) noise-rock-new-wave-hardcore-hip-hop you're likely to hear this year."

Check out their song "Whales" here


  1. i m so psyched for this show!

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    sounds like they suck hard

  3. no, they don't suck at all. just try listening to it without your favorite nickelback album in the background

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    above poster's right... i just listened to the song that was posted, and it sounds like a constipated dog crying out for someone to kill it.

  5. fucking philistines, all of you.

    acutally, thats all i've heard, but it does sound pretty interesting/unique

  6. I love that you're hundreds of miles away but still updataing us about Friday Night Rock.