January 16, 2007

On the D Coverage of the SA Impeachment Attempt

In this morning's paper, Allie Lowe wrote what I feel is a very fair article about the incident. However, I want to explain one of my quotes a little further—some of what I said at the end of the quote didn't make it into print.

I am quoted as saying that,
"I want to say that I do not want to hurt Adam in his future, in his career, anything. It's simply that the nature of this whole incident is such that I feel to inform people, to inform the Dartmouth community of what's going on necessitates that information being divulged," Seal said. "I would like to take it off, to take at least Adam's name out of it, because I know it can be Googled, and you don't want that kind of thing popping up right away, after this is all resolved."
I want to make sure that everyone knows that I mean that I will be glad to take any and all names off however this is resolved—no matter the outcome. This isn't an attempt to get anyone to act in a certain way. I am not trying to coerce anyone involved in the impeachment effort to do any specific action. I don't like how this has turned out, and I hope we all can resolve this thing fairly, properly, and (ideally) amicably.


  1. 05 alum, and former free press writer8:52 AM

    Thats very cute, Andrew. Later, after you've linked Shpeen's disciplinary record witha push to get Andreadis removed, you will try and make amends. A little late to be a nice guy on this one. Just deal with being a rat, a tattle, and someone who was unable to criticize the impeachment drive without mercilessly and irrelevantly smearing one of your fellow students. Was Shpeen right to do what he did? probably not. Andreadis, however, proved to be a rat and you have proved no better by being his accomplice.

  2. Dude, I don't know if you're really a former Free Press writer--you can say whatever you want if you don't put your name down--but I'm being serious about my promise. I didn't--and still don't--know any way I could have actually reported on the correct version of the facts without mentioning the disciplinary record. The disciplinary record is, I have every reason to believe, the impetus for Adam to act in the way that he is.

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I did write for the Free Press, but briefly, and I decided to mention that in order to distinguish myself from some of the pointless anonymous posters. That said, it does not seem like a very good idea to let Andrew Seal know anything pertinent about me, now does it?
    You make a good point that Shpeen and Tim's conflict has some personal issues at the root. How would I have have expressed it? Like this:
    "Shpeen only decided to try and impeach Andreadis after Tim had reported to the administration that Shpeen and others were drinking alcohol in the SA offices. Shpeen was subsequently brought before the administration and reportedly received a disciplinary punishment, WHICH I CANNOT CONFIRM UNLESS SHPEEN OR THE ADMINISTRATION CERTIFIES IT, out of respect for the delicacy and privacy of the matter and the somewhat minor nature of the infraction.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Seal, you also fucked this up in another way. Unless the D takes down their article--and I don't know how buddy-buddy you are with Phil Salinger--Shpeen's name will be on the web, with you blabbing about something that would be a turn-off for future employers. Yeah, you've evidently thought this thing through and have got this situation well under control.

  5. I didn't fuck it up. It's not like I schemed to get an article in The D; I never thought it would get picked up anywhere else. However, once the D contacted me, I felt it was a bad idea not to cooperate with the author, so I spoke. They likely would have run an article whether I talked to them or not. My point is that it's not my intent to do anything myself which damages anyone involved.

  6. Anonymous3:58 PM

    If Adam was so concerned about keeping his disciplinary record private, he should have thought about that before telling all of his friends in an attempt to motivate them to impeach Tim.

  7. Anonymous10:25 PM

    "He told his friends"
    That is not an excuse for detailing personal information, that is a cowardly cop-out. A little smidge of respect for a fellow student's privacy suggests a more discrete course than the one Seal elected to take.

  8. Julie N. Chang9:31 AM

    If Shpeen was someone important in real life (i.e. the US President, CEO of some company) no reporter would think TWICE about revealing a disciplinary record. Andrew has done what a journalist should and DOES do. Shpeen and his friends can grow some balls and get over the fact that people knows he got in trouble. In addition, I often find that anonymous comments lack validity because the poster is writing through a mask. If anything, during Tim's time as S.A. President people have learned to stick up for themselves. If Shpeen is so intent on dissolving SA and bringing about a new organization he should at least have an outline and the steps he will take to achieve this, instead he is only using this publicity to pull an even more ridiculous stunt.

  9. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Great hypothetical, Julie. Really great: If Shpeen were the President or a CEO, then we should all know if he were to get in trouble.
    Shpeen IS NOT THE F-ING PRESIDENT, he won't eb one any time soon. The D is not the NY Times and Tim Andreadis is not Mark Felt saving the union by turning in a classmate for supporting underage drinking (ever hear President Wright on that subject?).
    There is a significant gulf between gossip amongst classmates (i.e. people "knowing he is in trouble") and a malicious decision to make this an easily google-able mark on his record. In all likelihood, with all such minor infractions as this, the College will wipe his slate at graduation so long as he resumes his normal behavior and no one starts reporting alcohol being imbibed at Chi Gam. Seal's posts were an big F-you to polite discourse by posting on Shpeen's record.
    That said, you raise an excellent point that Shpeen should be better organized if he intends to overhaul the SA. Well, he has four serious years of service there and is one of maybe a half-dozen students (most of whom have already left the SA tol pursue other interests) who really understands the system. While Anreadis dominated an election as a radical candidate, he has floundered as a leader, as a custodian of programs like Uh-Oh or the SA budget, and is actually lowering the bar of debate by underhandedly trying to get a committee chair kicked out of school. While maybe it would be nice if there were a few months of planning to revamp SA, the momentum right now suggests that there is no time like the present for serious change...isn't that the kind of idea Andreadis preached 9 months ago?
    I don't like Shpeen, the Review, or Chi Gam dnace parties. My frat(!) hates Shpeen in principle. I don't like the shrillness Andreadis brought to SA, but up until last week I liked him better as a person than Shpeen. These events have changed that, emphasizing a hollow selfishness to the Andreadis platform and demonstrating that the genuine student interest in a better SA does not lie with Andreadis.

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Dear Chang and Seal,


    That may seem a little extreme, but do either of you honestly expect anyone here to believe the shit that your saying? Do you think we are all that fucking stupid? I like Tim, I think he's doing a good job, I don't want him to get impeached. What I don't like are his rapid, dim-witted, and sociopathic friends who can disregard the concept of morality when it becomes an inconvenience.

    Seal – Yes, you did fuck up, real bad. Again, WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!? How were you unable to comprehend that Google might pick this up. Do you enjoy trying to ruin other people’s lives? You posted the article so you are responsible. Not only that, but you cooperated to get this in the D. Worse, your excuse is it would have happened anyway. Does that mean I should join the impeachment movement because it will probably happen anyways? Grow some fucking balls and apologize.

    Chang – As an anonymous said before me, what kind of fucked up metaphor is that? Seriously, right to privacy. It’s this nifty law that says that no one else is supposed to know Adam’s disciplinary record. It’s quite nice really, because it means that everyone’s disciplinary record isn’t on Google for everyone to see…wait, whoops! I guess Adam’s is now. This may be hard for you to understand, but I think the majority of us like privacy laws. Since you seem to disagree, I look forward to the posting of your school record, which you shouldn’t have any reason not to do. In other words, sit down and shut up, or at least think of something mildly coherent to say.

    Tim – Yo, what’s up? If you read this, I want you to know I think you’ve done a nifty job this year. Good luck with the whole impeachment thing. Seriously though, I wanted to talk to you a bit about those kids you’ve been hanging out with. Well…they’re of dubious morality and I think they are hurting your reputation. So please, muzzle your friends or find some new kids to hang out with, the rest of us are getting tired of their wining and wailing, and it’s reflecting poorly on you.