January 10, 2010

Fire in the Phi Delt

Phi Delt suffered a serious fire this morning and the story continues to develop. All brothers in residence are being moved to college housing and, due to fire and water damage, the house will not be reoccupied for the remainder of the year. One Phi Delt described his predicament this way: "I no longer have any possessions."

A look from the outside does not reveal any damage (besides brown icicles resulting from the sprinklers). DDS locations this morning have lists of those who lost their Dartmouth Cards tot he fire, which raises the question of how severe the fire was that something as essential as Dartmouth Cards were lost.

Little Green Blog extends its sympathy to Phi Delts everywhere as well as that particular group of frat-goers who regularly visited their establishment. We will continue to investigate as to whether excessively piping-hot calzones from Cuttings Northside Cafe played any role in the fire.

In other developments, the recently revived Bored@Baker is experiencing a severe drop in corporate-recruiting related posts.

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  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    any estimate of what the body count would have been without the nasty old sprinklers?