January 27, 2010

Liveblogging Obama's State of the Union

9:09pm Obama has arrived... seems to be hugging an abnormal number of people.

9:11 Obama defines what the State of the Union is and why we have it. Lots of comparisons to past SotU given during really crappy times.

9:13 Remember that things were really bad when I took office. My policies have made things better. The worst is over but "devastation remains."

9:15 Yeah, why is Wall Street rewarded for bad behavior?

9:17 [Patriotic platitudes]

9:18 We all hated the bank bailout. "Like a root canal." (Oh, Obama, how can I stay mad at you?)

9:19 (Geitner looks like he's trying to act like he's not responsible for all the policies they're shitting on right now.)

9:21 Don't forget that we cut a ton of taxes on students 95% of families. "I thought I'd get applause on that one." (Oh, Obama, <3)

9:24 The Recovery Act helped boost domestic productivity. I want a new jobs bill.

9:27 End capital gains on small businesses. More business tax credits.

9:28 Use the recovery act to build up infrastructure: rail, clean energy. Cut tax breaks on companies shipping jobs overseas.

9:29 Senate- pass the jobs bill and have it on my desk, pronto. Other countries are not competing for 2nd place.

9:35 Go nuclear energy!

9:36 We cannot ignore the "overwhelming evidence" of climate change. (I wonder whom he is talking about). Regardless, the U.S. needs to be a leader in this field in order to become a leader in green industries.

9:37 We should export more. (But how?) Subsidize farmers(?) Be more aggressive in seeking markets(?) (what does that mean?). We should increase free trade.

9:41 Highschool GEDs just aren't cutting it. Promote community colleges. Give more grants for college/more money for Pell Grants. Students will pay back only 10% of income a year, debts forgive in 20 years, 10 years if they pursue a career in public service. "No one should go broke for going to college" (bravo!)

9:48 Republicans- if you have a better plan for healthcare, "lemme know. lemme know. lemme know." Do not walk away from healthcare reform.

9:50 It's pretty hard to bring down the deficit when you have to pay for 2 wars, tax cuts, a prescription drug plan, all during a recession.

9:51 starting in 2011, federal spending freeze for 3 years.

9:56 "Let's try common sense, a novel concept."

9:59 Congress should publish all earmark requests online before there is a vote so Americans can see where their money is going.

10:00 Politics today is binary competition. Everyday is election day. Confirmation of civil servants should not be held hostage to grudges or pet projects of a few individual senators.

10:02 If Republicans require 60 votes to get anything done, you have responsibility to govern as well (GOP all sitting).

10:06: All combat troops out of Iraq by August. (!!)

10:09 Control loose nukes.

10:16 Repeal don't ask don't tell.(!!)

10:19 America is doing good work in Haiti.

10:20pm (end)
REPUBLICAN RESPONSE (note: full text pre-posted online)
10:30pm (I'm a little surprised to see the republicans' staging device. The speech is given by Bob McDonald in the Virginia Legislature, which is full of adoring people. McDonnell sometimes looks at the camera, as per tradition, but often looks around as if he is giving the state of the union).

10:31 Sports center joke. Polite, planned laughter.


(blogging discontinued)

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