January 6, 2010

How I spent my winter vacation

My parents' house in Florida has an unusual abundance of unfilled wall space. I keep telling them to go to the art shows put on by local art schools, find a kid they like, and commission them on the cheap to produce stuff for the house. My parents were receptive to the idea but didn't really want to meander through an endless series of shows. So I did the next best thing. I tried my hand at modern art myself.

As you can see, I mostly experimented with splotches and Jackson Pollock-esque pouring methods. Most of the materials (brushes, canvases, acrylic paint) were bought from the craft store Michael's and created in my garage or in the lanai.

A Jackson Pollock take on 18th-19th century silhouettes. Portraits of my family.

Study of vertical splotches. Earth. Fire. Water.

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