January 14, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the FoCo runway is officially closed

Patrons of Food Court this evening will find a change in the storied "runway" layout. As part of a social engineering experiment, Jennifer Chong '10 has somehow cajoled the usually iron-fisted foco staff into letting her tinker with their seating design. In addition to placing tables in the runway, which is really used more for exits than entrances, given the side location of the food lines, tables have been placed side by side, forming much longer tables, and rotated so that none of the chairs are facing the main door.

The reaction of many was on prominent display as many students stopped by the door, aghast at the sudden and profound change to the one constant in their lives, and Ms. Chong was on hand collecting them. Ms. Chong assures us that this is a one-night modification, so fret not all those in favor of the old way. This writer would like to congratulate the self-starting experimenter on the idea of her design and eagerly awaits the results of the study as they are made public. From my own observation over the questionable chicken dinner being served, I found it to be a community- and efficiency- boosting design with much potential.

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  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    that night's honey stung chicken was most certaintly not questionable