April 17, 2010

Asch '79 Leaves Dartblog

Joe Asch, Class of 1979 and erstwhile petition candidate for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees, announced this morning that he is retiring from Dartblog, and pursuing interests beyond Dartmouth College.

After much reflection here in the quiet of our New Zealand valley, I have
decided that in the future I will be devoting my time and energy to things other
than Dartmouth College. To those of you who have spent time reading my posts on
Dartblog over the past eight and a half months, thank you so much for your
attention. I enjoyed writing my sincere perception of the truth for you.

Personally, I am quite disappointed to hear this news -- Dartblog was a part of my daily news and analysis rotation. We here at Little Green Blog will certainly miss Joe's insightful observations and commentary on all things Big Green. After a very intense election, however, we cannot hold against him the desire to take a well-deserved break from College politics.

Joe has served the College well, and has dutifully 'kept for her the old, undying faith.' He deserves our thanks, and our sincerest wishes of best luck. You have rendered great services to the school, Joe, and those won't be soon forgotten. Fare ye well.


  1. Hear hear! Dartmouth College had no perhaps greater ally or human asset than Joe Asch. We were all made better by his critical research and advocacy, and each owe him a debt of gratitude I'm not sure we can rightly pay back.

    Best of luck in France or New Zealand or Hanover or wherever life decides to take you, Joe! Far away as you may go, I'll be always proud to call you my friend.

  2. William H. Mitchell9:27 PM

    Joe's all Green. I look forward to seeing him in the basement of BG with Rep.