April 15, 2010

Two Campus Emails: Alcohol and Management Structure

#1: H-Po Changing its arrest policy for internal pocession
--- Forwarded Message from "Sylvia C. Spears" ---

>From: "Sylvia C. Spears"
>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 19:15:22 EDT
>Subject: HPD change in alcohol procedure
>To: All Undergraduates:;

Dear Dartmouth Students,

Please be informed regarding changes to Hanover Police Alcohol Procedures.

Statement to Dartmouth Community from Acting Dean of the College Spears
April 15, 2010

The Hanover Police Department has recently made a procedural change in its
response to alcohol emergencies involving underage students in need of
immediate medical attention.

Responding Hanover officers will continue to assist the Hanover Fire Department
at the scene but will not issue the underage person a citation at that time. If
the underage person qualifies according to department guidelines for diversion,
the responding officer will leave a Hanover Alcohol Diversion Program brochure
with them and follow this up with an email notification reminding them of their
obligation to contact the diversion program coordinator within seven (7) days
in order to enroll in the program. A future record check at Hanover Police
Department would indicate that the person had been referred to diversion in
lieu of prosecution. Any person failing to contact the diversion coordinator
within the specified time period will be served a summons and referred to

I view this as a very positive procedural change that enhances our efforts
toward harm reduction. This new change in procedure is not to be taken as a
license to engage in the reckless and dangerous use of alcohol. It is
imperative that we continue our efforts to reduce excessive consumption of
alcohol on campus. The responsibility is now on our community to foster a
positive social atmosphere that sets new norms around the safe consumption of

The work of the Student and Presidential Alcohol Harm Reduction Committee
(SPAHRC) is critical in the identification and implementation of best practices
for the safe management of alcohol on campus. We will continue to work with
Hanover Police and the Town to address common concerns regarding alcohol.
Hanover Police have graciously agreed to suspend compliance checks at this
time. However, the onus is on our community to show progress in reducing unsafe
drinking at Dartmouth.

As I have said on many occasions, my worst fear is that I will have to call the
family of a student and tell them that their son or daughter has died as a
result of the excess consumption of alcohol. Every student on our campus must
play an active role in addressing this urgent call to action.

Taking care of each other is a hallmark tradition of the Dartmouth student
community and we are hopeful that this change will only strengthen that

#2: Management Reorganization
--- Forwarded Message from "President Jim Yong Kim" ---

>From: "President Jim Yong Kim"
>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:56:30 EDT
>Subject: Senior Administration Reorganization
>To: All:;

Dear Colleagues,

I've received a lot of valuable advice since I joined the Dartmouth community
10 months ago as President. I truly appreciate the contributions that so many
have made in this demanding and intense period for everyone employed at
Dartmouth. Through your combined efforts, I am proud to say that we have been
able to successfully address many of the challenges we have been facing.

To ensure that we maintain focus on our priorities, in full support of our
academic mission, I have decided to introduce a more integrated senior
management structure. Following consultations with the Board of Trustees and
senior officers, I am introducing a new organizational structure
to better serve Dartmouth.

The changes are in three main areas: Finance and Administration, Advancement,
and the President's Office. The changes will be effective June 1, 2010.

Finance and Administration: Steve Kadish will become Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer. Steve, as you know, with Acting Provost and Dean
of Faculty Carol Folt, has been co-leader of our ongoing Strategic Budget
Reduction and Investment projects. Since coming to Dartmouth last July, Steve
has served as Senior Vice President and Senior Advisor.

Steve will oversee Finance and Administration as well as a number of critical
operating areas. Steve's direct reports will include Traci Nordberg, Chief
Human Resources Officer and Vice President, who will have a dual report to the
President. Traci also will take on new responsibility for oversight of the
Dartmouth College Child Care Center and for the Student Employment Office (for
job placements, not financial aid). Ellen Waite-Franzen, Chief Information
Officer and Vice President, will have a dual report to the Provost and to the
Executive Vice President to ensure that Information Technology fully supports
our academic mission and our overall operations. We have opened a search for a
Vice President for Finance, who also will report to Steve.

Advancement: To enhance the way we present Dartmouth's strengths to the
world, we are creating a new Advancement division, which combines Alumni
Relations, Development, and Public Affairs. Carrie Pelzel, currently the Vice
President for Development, will become Senior Vice President for Advancement.

Carrie's direct reports will include Patsy Fisher '81, Director of Alumni
Leadership, who has agreed to serve as Acting Vice President for Alumni
Relations while a search is in progress to fill the position left open by David
Spalding's move to the position of Chief of Staff for the President,
described below. Diana Pearson, Vice President for Communications, will have a
dual report to the Senior Vice President and the President.

Until a search is launched for a new Vice President for Development, Ann Root
Keith and Tom Herbert, Associate Vice Presidents in Development, and Sylvia
Racca, Executive Director of the Dartmouth College Fund, will continue to
report to Carrie.

The President's Office: To strengthen the coordination of our response to
critical issues, David Spalding will become Chief of Staff. David will take on
new responsibility for key initiatives. David has considerable knowledge of
Dartmouth, not only as a member of the first coeducational Class of 1976, but
also as Vice President for Alumni Relations since 2005. He came to Dartmouth
after a successful career in New York in financial services and non-profit
management. I am grateful to David for the valuable advice he has provided
through the transition.

I would like to thank Carrie, David, Steve and Traci for taking on additional
responsibilities. As we move forward, we are continuing to strengthen our
management team. A number of key positions remain open on our organizational
chart. Searches are currently under way for the positions of Provost and for
Dean of the Dartmouth Medical School.

In conclusion, I also want to express appreciation to the entire Dartmouth
community for sharing your ideas and for supporting our academic mission. This
spring, we will begin a strategic planning process, which will involve
everyone. We will be looking ahead to 2020, a milestone for this institution,
which will be celebrating its 250th year. I remain committed to working with
you to enable Dartmouth and its people to continue to lead and to excel.


Jim Yong Kim

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