April 10, 2010

BREAKING: Replogle, Mathias Slate Win Alumni Election

John Replogle '88 defeats Joe Asch '79 in the race for Dartmouth trustee. Replogle received 70.9 percent of the vote to Asch's 29.1 percent. Mort Kondracke '60 also won election to the board after running unopposed.

Mathias's unity slate won the race for the Association of Alumni executive committee. Mathias took home 73 percent of the vote to J. Michael Murphey's, Class if 1961, 27 percent.

Your servants at Little Green Blog would like to congratulate John Replogle, Mort Kondracke, John Mathias and the other officers.

We also extend our appreciation to Joe Asch, who ran an outstanding and honorable race, as well as to the Dartmouth United slate of candidates. We have no doubt that Joe will continue his faithful service to the College.

This is a developing story. Analysis and discussion of the race will follow over the next couple of days.

UPDATE: Vote Totals (courtesy of Vox the Vote).

John Replogle '88 (N) - 14,176
Joseph Asch '79 (P) - 5,823

Mort Kondracke '60 (N) - 17,762


John H. Mathias Jr. '69 (N) -14,701

J. Michael Murphy '61 (P) - 5,254

First Vice President:
Veree Hawkins Brown '93 (N) - 14,522
Alpha Bond '52 (P) - 5,336

Second Vice President:
Douglas Keare '56, '57Th, '57Tu (N) - 14,679
Diane E. Ellis '08 (P) - 5,232

Lynne Hamel Gaudet '81 (N) - 14,825
Emily Esfahani Smith '09 (P) - 5,084

Executive Committee Members:
Mark Alperin '80 (N) - 14,514
Marian Zischke Baldauf '84 (N) - 14,425
John Engelman '68 (N) - 14,490
Ronald Harris '71 (N) - 14,259
Kaitlin Jaxheimer '05 (N) - 14,279
Otho Kerr III '79 (N) - 14,279
Ronald Schram '64 (N) - 14,423

Other Executive Committee candidates and vote totals included:
James Baehr '05 (P) -5,342
Bradford Borden '54 (P) - 5,110
James E. Guth '77 (P) - 5,384
Alan R. Orschel '61 (P) - 5,193
Richard Paris '71 (P) - 5,269
Stuart L. Richards '63 (P) - 5,378
Noah R. Riner '06 (P) - 5,191


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    And after Kondracke and Replogle won the alumni nomination, the Trustees voted to elect them to the Board, upholding the 1891 Agreement.

  2. Anonymous-

    There's a lot more to the 1891 agreement than that. But factually, yes, you are correct.


    (Also... this "anonymous" stuff is frustrating. Can't we require commenters to sign in or identify themselves?)

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    The election results were heavily influenced by having a new president and the continued overhang of the alumni lawsuit. How about some LGB observations on the stories not covered by the D... the role of the Office of Alumni Relations, the role of the Alumni Council, college support for the councilors campaigning for their candidates, the role of Dartmouth UnDying, who are their principals and where did their money come from (any trustees?), the conflicts of interest of ballot committee members, and so on.

  4. Brice -

    Are you sure? I thought the board agreed to elect the nominee if he was suitable and was put forward within a certain number of months of the vacancy.

  5. 10:13-

    I can't say I follow your question. That is the agreement, but technically the board has the choice -- depending, I suppose, on your legal interpretation of the 1891 agreement and the existence of a binding contract between the then-unincorporated Alumni Association and the Board.

    But I don't think that's what you're getting at. So... well, what are you getting at?