April 8, 2010

BREAKING: Trustee Election

Your humble servant is serving as representative for Joe Asch '79 at the ballot count this morning at the American Inn in Bethesda, MD. (The election is run by an independent contractor, which is why the count is not held in Hanover.)

I am not authorized to release particulars about where the voting stands -- not least because I am not counting the ballots -- but here are some interesting facts:

Turnout: Out of a universe of 67,072 eligible voters, 14,907 alumni voted by electronic ballot (22.2 percent). The estimated paper ballots being counted now is 7,200-8,500. David Spalding '76, director of Alumni Relations, who has graced us with his presence, predicts voter participation to be at its highest level ever for a trustee race.

Stephanie Lewin '88, the nominated trustee candidates' campaign manager, is representing John Replogle at the count. (Your servant has considered asking her to get lunch, but was afraid she might cancel at the last minute.)

No voting irregularities to report as of yet, other than an apparent glitch with voting electronically by iPhone. (No word how large a share of the population the iPhone voters may be.)

UPDATE (12:20): Mort Kondracke '60, an unopposed Association of Alumni candidate for trustee, showed up. He doesn't appear to be too concerned -- I wonder why.

The paper ballot count is winding down. We will begin reviewing -- and if necessary, contesting -- problem ballots after lunch. Ron Harris, the representative of the Association of Alumni balloting committee, has final say over how to count all problem ballots. (Is this a conflict of interest? It merits discussion.)

UPDATE (April 9): The final tally for paper ballots was far below the estimates. 5,999 paper ballots were counted, bringing total participation to 31.16 percent, or about 20,900 votes. It is the highest rate of participation in a trustee election.

This is a developing story.


  1. DartBored9:12 PM

    How does one of the candidates get to be the "decider"? Even Bush wouldn't try that. I bet Harris realizes that, if one hanging chad falls the wrong way, there will be another lawsuit.

    Based on my read on the code words embedded in your post, I see that Asch took 53% of the online votes and is expected to get 57% of the mail-ins. Thanks for the report.

  2. DartBored,

    I'm not sure where in my statistics you found that, and I cannot comment on where I project the race to stand. I would advise you to be cautious though.