September 18, 2009


Inherent in life are choices. Some are easy, some are difficult; some are rashly made, some well thought out. But regardless of these distinctions, they are all choices, and must be made.

Starting college is a challenging activity. Attempting to do everything at once is a tall order, especially in such a tempestuous time in our lives. As we learned tonight at the Class of 2013 Night at the Hop, there are an incredible number of options open to us as far as art and music are concerned. Of course, this is one of the reasons why we chose Dartmouth (or, rather, one of the reasons we were chosen by Dartmouth). But we can't possibly do it all. So, we must make choices.

President Obama must share this realization, seeing as he must face choices concerning decisions that will have much more impact on the world as a whole. Take this infamous health care plan. He and Congress (and probably also a few interns) will have to make choices about where it will go.

And then there are the American nuclear defense systems. Which to use and where will they stay? Choices, choices, choices.

And I won't tell you which sports team to try out for any more than I'll pretend to know about the best strategic placement of nuclear defense systems. That's not my job. My job is to remind you that choices must be made, and have been made, and always will need making... My job is to make you think about making some choices, some solid decisions. Don't be afraid. Learning to make choices is what being a college student (or a world leader; either one) is all about.

So take this moment to reflect on the choices you must make... and make a few.

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