September 19, 2009

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

It seems like people are starting to take notice how not dead The Little Green Blog is! First it was my editors at The Dartmouth (who presented me with an ultimatum of providing them exclusive content or be fired). Now it's the scourge of the Dartmouth Administration, DartBlog, with a rather kind and in-depth post by my friend and DartBlog contributor, Jake Baron (formerly '10, now technically '09?). Full disclosure: I have contributor privledges on DartBlog, though I have yet to use them. Commenting on our phoenix-like resurrection, Mr. Baron had this to say:
But oh, the beauty of the information age! With naught but a password whispered to an eager inbox, lo, the blog is resurrected! My friend and classmate Nathan Bruschi ‘10 appears to be behind the effort, calling himself LGB’s “editor” and authoring the first several posts after its two-year dry spell. He is supported by a coterie of other contributors, including Marcus Gadson ‘10, another friend, who writes on politics and religion. Mr. Bruschi and his gang gained full control two months ago, in July. I apologize; I was remarkably slow on the uptake.

As for LGB’s tone and content, the blog’s current iteration appears to bear little resemblance to the mouthpiece for hotheaded screeds that was its former self. Mr. Bruschi is decidedly centrist, and though some among his coterie do lean to the left, their writing is, for the most part, measured and temperate.

So welcome back, Little Green Blog! May you learn to scoop The Dartmouth by only slightly less time than Dartblog does.
Mr. Baron is quite right that The Little Green Blog no longer intends on being the mouthpiece for the racial, flag-burning, quasi-Marxist, Che-Guevara-T-shirt-wearing, anti-hetero-normative left. Instead we'd like to be the more messy, if you will, side of Dartmouth politics -- an open forum where a host of writers can post a diverse selections of opinions, and you, the forever anonymous commentators, can either advance the arguments or just make total asses of yourselves. Like the Planeteers, the power is yours.

In addition to the the great Marcus Gadson '10, who Mr. Baron mentioned, The Little Green Blog is proud to boast the contributions of "BL" '10, Arnold Tungsten '10, Chris Chavis '12, and Laura Neil '13. Applications are open for those who would also like to write for us. Please consult the banner at the top of this page for details.

So call off the grave-robbers, baby! The Little Green Blog is back and better than ever!

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