September 2, 2009

RIP Ted Kennedy

It’s great to be back here at the Little Green Blog. It’s been a busy summer between my internship and beginning research for a project I’m doing on campus in the fall. I apologize for my lack of consistency in updates, I’ll work towards having at least one update a week from now on. Anyway, my summer will be coming to close tonight at midnight when I start the long drive from North Carolina back up to New Hampshire so I should have a little more free time (at least until classes start).

I was originally planning something a bit longer but my progress stalled when I had to start packing, start getting stuff ready for Orientation (join the DPU Independents, just saying) and go around and say goodbye to family.


Last week our country lost a great legislator when Ted Kennedy passed away at his home in Massachusetts after a long bout with brain cancer. Kennedy’s record of legislative achievement was impeccable and his work for the less fortunate in our country was outstanding. Kennedy’s impact transcended the Bay State and his achievements were felt by people from all walks of life in all regions in the United States. Whether it was Kennedy’s fight to abolish immigration quotas or to establish equal funding for men’s and women’s sports or his fight to increase cancer funding, he always fought to right injustices that he saw in our great country. It’s just sad that Kennedy’s biggest fight wasn’t won before his death. For years, Senator Kennedy fought for health care for all and unfortunately, he died before he could see the fruits of his labor.

Rest in Peace Teddy. May your legacy be forever felt.


I’ll probably post a longer tribute when time allows. I just wanted to check back in and reassure everyone that I should be back to posting as usual within a few days. I’m looking to continuing to preview Senate races. The races in Florida and now Massachusetts have gotten really interesting in these last couple of weeks.

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  1. This is a really moving tribute... Ted Kennedy was a real hero to a lot of people - mostly, I'm sure, his family. He did a great deal to help others in a multitude of ways - well beyond the realm of his homestate of Massachusetts. He was extremely monumental in shaping the history of our country and laws whether in Congress or amongst everyday people. We should all feel gracious that he gave his all for all of us. May
    God Bless his family - his biggest legacy of all.
    Cherylann M. Pecht (