September 23, 2009

I quit.

Effective today, the first day of classes, I have resigned from The Dartmouth and thus brought my unbroken three year tenure with that paper to a close. I wish I could have done LGB and The D, but alas, D policy forbade and thus the decision was clear.

Here's a look back at some of my favorite opinions, humorous and serious.

Atheist Shout-out
26 January 2009
Unlike other groups who are gradually being accepted and incorporated into American culture — homosexuals and religious minorities — atheists exist as a boundary marker: the definition of what America is not. (I'm pretty sure Tucker started organizing a humanist society after this one).
Cause For Caution
24 November 2008
Our country, given its racial (or arguably, racist) history did an amazing thing on November 4, but we must not lose sight of what actually happened. It chose a black man as one of two candidates, the other being a straw man for the most hated president in American polling history.
Summer School
27 June 2008
Many see Hanover’s remoteness as a curse. But by being “trapped inside,” as it were, students are forced to come into more contact with each other, live similar lives, share some of the same joys, pains and aspirations and forge the strong connections to Dartmouth and each other that define what the College is all about. (My theory for Dartmouth's greatness)
Booting the Bill
4 December 2007
This systemic policy of punishing a group for the transgressions of a select few individuals is not an effective policy and directly goes against Dartmouth’s egalitarian principles. (See how many synonyms I use for "vomit")
Dartmouth’s Mascot Void
13 November 2006
How much longer are we willing to be the only Ivy League school that has no idea exactly who we are cheering? (The foundational argument of the Moose mascot campaign).
Click here for a comprehensive list of my Dartmouth opinions.

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