September 16, 2009

Over the Horizon

This is the time of change. This is the time of hope. This is the time in which we can all look ahead. And if we are uncertain of what we see we will move forward regardless...

These are words that generally apply to the younger generations. Now, as this generation is starting college, they apply especially well. Dartmouth will have a fresh start- new freshmen, new president, new chance to beat the other Ivies in pretty much everything (again, that is). The sun is breaking over the horizon and it's time for us to step up and make the world of the future a better place.

In just a few short hours I will shake the hand of President Jim Yong Kim and officially matriculate at Dartmouth College. That moment will mean much to me. It will also mean much to my class, and our new president, and our college. It will mean change, hope, progress. (We have a busy year ahead of us.)

And what will we do? With this brand new cleaner slate, what will we do? I know the path we choose will lead to greatness and I know we will hike it well (thanks to the preparation of DOC trips). Dartmouth has been the greatest college in the world since its establishment and I am sure it will continue to hold that title. We will continue to hold that title.

And as I wait eagerly for the sun to rise and the time to come when I matriculate at last, I feel as though the future will be a nice place. It's a good feeling. Of course, I'd still like to know which path we'll be taking...

So I'll leave you now with a challenge: Think of which path you, we, the college will take in these next few days and months and years of our new beginning. Think of exactly how we'll help to create a better future. Think of this as the sun comes over the horizon...

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