September 22, 2009

The Most Insane Mayor in America

Sallie Peake, the Mayor of Wellford, South Carolina, has recently signed a simple ordinance: local police may not chase criminals- not in their cars, not on foot. This means that cops are only effective against criminals presently in their reaching distance; so long as any criminal flees, it seems, they are immune to law enforcement. The video is simply must-see, if only to see what a complete raging lunatic the Mayor is. Be sure to look our for her literally psychotic reaction to the reporters exceedingly reasonable crime scenario.

This unfathomably stupid, nuttier-than-chipmunk-droppings policy is ostensibly designed to lower insurance costs: if cops don't run after suspects, they won't get hurt as much and therefore the town's insurance premiums for police would probably go down. I've heard arguments against high-speed police pursuits and watched COPS enough on TV to know the idea has some merit, but banning all chase effectively criminalizes any non-passive apprehension of suspects. If police can only capture suspects by surprise and power-walking, the crime rate is going to go through the roof and every single victim will be able to go back to this video and look into the eyes of the singular person responcible.

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