November 14, 2009

Birth Control and Islam

As our population slowly begins to grow in size, we have reason to be concerned. Considering the fact that we have limited space on our planet, I would say that our concern is a legitimate one. And apparently, many of the Islamic countries feel the same.

In Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan, they are trying a new approach. What if Islamic leaders were educated in birth control methods, and encouraged their followers to do practice it?

The effort seems to be working. In 2009 itself, the sale of birth control pills has nearly doubled, from 6,000 to 11,000.

The sad truth? Many Islamic women have never been in contact with birth control. They have multiple children and are at the mercy of their husbands. The fact that Islamic women are afraid to take birth control pills, or to tell their husbands that they are taking them is shameful.

In this world that we live in, why are some societies old-fashioned? For future progress, acceptance of change is necessary; these classes are a change, but cultural beliefs must be altered as well.

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  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Stop demonizing Islam. What about Catholicism and birth control?

    Go through this article and substitute the word "Catholic" everytime the word "Islamic" appears and the article would make more sense.