November 3, 2009

McDonnell (R) Wins in VA, Christie (R) in NJ

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Not the night most polls were predicting. While Virginia held true to our expectations, with the Republican Bob McDonnell winning the race for governor, the loss of incumbent Governor Jon Corzine (D) in New Jersey by 5 points to Christopher Christie (R) was relatively surprising. More shocking, though, was the victory of Bill Owens (D) in the New York 23, who faced an uphill fight against the Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman, who recently enjoyed the endorsement of national Republicans like Sarah Palin, Fred Thomson and Dick Armey.

Marriage equality took a hit in Maine, with Proposition 1 passing by roughly 6 points. In New York, Michael Bloomberg (I) won reelection, though in a closer race than most expected. And the Democrats won in the Boston and Detroit mayoral races, and picked up the California 10. Ultimately a mixed-bag of results, though arguably a composite that favors the Republicans.


With Dede Scozzafava (R), who recently dropped out of the race, picking up about 5 percent of the vote, Bill Owens (D) pulls out a victory in this highly publicized race. Owens saw strong numbers early in the evening, even in the Jefferson County battleground, and held onto his lead all night.

UPDATE: NBC calls the race for Bill Owens (D).

93 percent of precincts reporting:
  • (D) Bill Owens .......... 49 percent
  • (C) Doug Hoffman .......... 45 percent
  • (R) Dede Scozzafava .......... 5 percent


UPDATE: At 10:10 PM, NBC calls New Jersey for Chris Christie (R).

99 percent of precincts reporting:

  • (D) Jon Corzine .......... 44 percent
  • (R) Chris Christie .......... 49 percent
  • (I) Chris Daggett .......... 5 percent


UPDATE: At 7:55, NBC calls the race for Republican Bob McDonnell.

By what was predicted to be a wide margin, McDonnell is declared the winner of Virginia's Gubernatorial race.

99 percent of precincts reporting:

  • (D) Creigh Deeds .......... 41 percent
  • (R) Bob McDonnell .......... 59 percent


UPDATE: At 10:50 PM, NBC re-calls the NYC Mayoral race for Bloomberg (I).
  • (I) Michael Bloomberg .......... 51 percent
  • (D) Bill Thompson .......... 46 percent


In Maine, Proposition 1 passes, overturning a previously promulgated law legalizing same-sex marriage (53 percent to 47 percent).

In the California 10, Democrat John Garamendi defeats Republican David Harmer with 53 percent to 42 percent of the vote.

(As of 3:00 AM Eastern Standard.)

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  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    How can a man as scary-nazi-crazy as McDonnell win by such a big margin in Virginia?