November 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It's that time again... Songs about jolly old men and red-nosed reindeers are beginning to pour from every stereo. Actually, they were beginning a few days ago (okay, so it's commercial frontloading, but we won't mention that) but now that it's past Thanksgiving more and more people are getting into the holiday spirit. Perhaps the thought of a white Christmas or holiday is helping to motivate the hanging of some lights and decorations (and the dancing of some snow dances, which I suppose can count as decorative). Perhaps it's the thought of finals and the manic energy they inspire.

But there's one tree that is not decorated- and that's the beautiful 30-foot tree sitting out on our Green. Donated by Sandy Allen of Hanover, the fir is just waiting to light up the campus and light up our exam-stressed lives. Rumor has it that Thomas Kim, the much-beloved son of our great President Kim, will light the tree, and that the Glee Club will sing some glee into the holiday air. I've heard that there will even be hot chocolate.

So this Thursday, at 5:15 pm, you know where you should be! Get into the swing of the holiday spirit and join all us other jolly people on the Green. It's the first day after classes end so you know you won't be doing that much work anyway- come help us celebrate the season!

Happy (and Green) holidays to all!

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