November 12, 2009

Bored @ Gridley

In addition to the calzones at Cuttings Northside Cafe, Matt Ritger's anti-frat manifesto, and Jim Kim being a total beast, one of the time-honored memes on the frat-tastic Bored@Baker is Linda Gridley, Dartmouth alumna and CEO of Gridley & Co: the "b-side" firm with the "a-side" sounding name and "a-shit-ton" of Dartmouth interns every term who do all her work. The running joke is that Gridley & Co, a "boutique" (e.g. ~10 employees) investment banking firm is better than MS, DB, and every other multibillion dollar finance company out there. Below are some of my favorite B@B gems.
i have a 3.99 gpa, AD president, President of squash and football, internship at gridley 3 times, and i had sex with linda gridley and i still didnt get a job at gridley
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i heard linda gridley actually poops sunshine
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I heard Gridley has 2 rejection letters: one to people who were varsity captains/AD presidents that says "Sorry" and one to normal applicants which says "Are you fucking kidding me" and Linda gridley will call them up to make fun of the[m]

The Linda Gridley Economics Scholars Program was initiated in 1768, one year before the founding of the College, and provides opportunities for juniors to research economics and financial issues on a regular basis. Applicants must have a 3.9 (or above) grade point average, social standing at or above Psi Upsilon Fraternity, membership in Dragon or Sphinx, and outstanding recommendations. One in ten scholars will be invited to apply for an interview at Gridley & Company LLC.
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Fuck my life - my boyfriend & I were eating at Cuttings the other day and someone from Gridley, a very prestigious investment bank, called and gave him an offer for an internship. As soon as he heard that, he said "I'm dumpin your ass bitch, I'm too good for you now" and left me with the bill. At least the calzones were cheap
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i heard snoop dogg, bruce springsteen, bob dylan, paul mccartney, radiohead, and linda gridley are playing on the green during winter carnival
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I hear Gridley's pledge term is harder than psi u's
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i heard gridley pays $300 K base, $700 k sign on bonus, 5 bonuses a year each between$1000 and $10 million

REAL INTERVIEW QUESTION FROM GRIDLEY: perform a DCF on this cleveland steamer

cuttings: 3.7+ for interview, Gridley won't interview unless you are in Sphinx/son of Linda Gridley. She has 800 sons so being her son is still very hard to get into gridley

i heard gridley & Company requires 40 rounds of interviews to get an internship...and they are all with linda gridley

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  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    i saw linda gridley at Cuttings Northside Cafe eating a piping-hot acai berry calzone with Jim Kim while showing matt ritger how to round a 3.56 GPA. My head exploded.