November 5, 2009

When Home Becomes a Battlefield

When soldiers are no longer safe in their home country, something is terribly wrong.

Just today, twelve soldiers were killed while at Fort Hood, in Texas; killed by a fellow member of the army, Nidal Malik Hasan. All the soldiers involved were going to be deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

How unfortunate is it that those twelve soldiers were killed while at home; where they were supposed to be 'safe'?
How terrible is it that the apparent cause of the shooting was stress about being deployed?

President Obama said:
"These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk, and at times give, their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. It's difficult enough when we lose these brave Americans in battles overseas. It is horrifying that they should come under fire at an Army base on American soil."

Perhaps more emphasis is needed on the well-being of soldiers here at home. Let's hope that from now on soldiers can feel safe at home-- like they should be.

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