March 30, 2007

The Dartmouth Wiki

I received an email (you probably did too) this morning informing me that I can now have all my questions about Dartmouth answered. I've been waiting for this—now I can have my suspicions confirmed—Andrew Eastman is actually the biggest tool on campus.

I'm not particularly convinced that this thing will give accurate information, though—right now, the page is titled "Dartmouth University Wiki."

That's about as good as Noah Riner (evangelical/home school hero)'s, which used to have a big picture of Jesus saying, "Welcome to the Ivy League, sinner!" until Riner realized it might deter traffic. The site is still under construction.

More: By the way, this is probably a data-mining scam (the tip-off is that you have to register to see any page other than the homepage). I hope you haven't signed up.

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