March 14, 2007

Tournament of Books

March is, of course, the month of the NCAA tournament. Games there kick off tomorrow, but The Morning News's Tournament of Books is already underway. Supported by the amazing Powell's Books of Portland, the tournament operates basically like the NCAA tournament—seeds, brackets, etc. Each bracket is judged by a (pretty) minor literary celebrity—novelists, litbloggers, journalists for The Onion, music critics for The New Yorker (which just got a great re-design) and lead singers for The Decemberists.

The four number one seeds, in case you're interested, were Absurdistan, The Road, Against the Day, and The Lay of the Land. But it appears the judges are in the mood for upsets—only one higher seed, The Road, has actually advanced.

The titles are almost all worth a look, if you're trying to figure out what to read over spring break. I just read Firmin and really liked it.

Edit: Colin Meloy's Thunderdome themed review is up today. Make sure to read it.

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