March 30, 2007

Wikigate: More Angry SA Drama?

Only hours after the launch of the Dartmouth CollegeWiki, the dubious venture is on shaky ground. In a campus-wide email from Student Assembly, we are made aware of some unforgiveable transgressions, including its non-affiliation with the college, its apparent for-profit nature, massive spam-generating potential, and yet worse, its reference to Dartmouth University.

When asked how this made him feel, one member of a certain secret society (who wishes to preserve his anonymity) was overheard to remark, "University? AARGH angry smallcollege traditions bloated-bureaucracy traditions JAmes Wright wahoowah malchowmalchow."

Anyway, it seems like a non-issue since the site looked as shady as the SA blitz reveals, and promised to be pretty useless. I'm looking forward to the CompSci dept launching their own. I'm also looking forward to a long-overdue update of BlitzMail, since it's a painfully outdated sack of shit that can't do the simplest things, like read most e-mails from the outside world.

Also, can somebody tell me why SA's reply-to is "letloosethemoose?" Word. Thanks.

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  1. BonusOnus7:32 PM

    I feel like I'm the only one here who uses a non-Blitz client to get my blitzmail (Apple Mail). So much better though...

    I'm looking forward to the SA wiki considering how lame this "Dartmouth University" one is, but i'm not looking forward to the SA having censor control over it. Sounds less like a wiki and more like an SA info-portal. I'm trying to be optimistic tho...