March 28, 2007

More Smith Flip-Flopping on Free Speech

One minute, Stephen Smith will say that Jim Wright at least knows what he's talking about when it comes to free speech, but the next, he's telling the National Review that “There’s a new McCarthyism on campus.”

As an aside, I found this line (unintentionally) hilarious:
Smith, who is currently a law professor at the University of Virginia, has the kind of life story that many politicians would envy. Raised by a single mother on welfare in Washington, D.C., he earned scholarships to Catholic schools and graduated from high school at the age of 16.
The National Review, always looking for that silver lining/political capital angle.* [My emphasis]

Hat tip: PowerLine, who calls Smith "
our candidate for Dartmouth's board of trustees." Why even bother with a lengthier, less possessive title like "the candidate whom we support"—maybe "our candidate" just reflects how they feel about Smith.

*Yes, I realize Dems do it too.

1 comment:

  1. Come on, McCarthyism really was promulgated by people named Josie who wrote editorials and used words like "hurtful"...

    What exactly are the suspicions and accusations floating around that (Smith implies) are baseless like those of McCarthy? Are they the claims that some people are offended by Indian symbols? How is that McCarthyist rather than just thin-skinned?

    Wouldn't it be more McCarthyist to see everywhere plots against the Indian symbol and "free speech" and old-fashioned beer-fueled fun? What is Smith's position on the Indian symbol, anyway? If he says that he favors its return, will his campaign have a chance?