July 19, 2009

Green... An Appropriate Subject, Right?

First of all, money isn't really green. Not if we're talking about the good old United States standard-issue dollar bill. It's more a kind of greenish grayish (and now, since the new bills came out, peachish) mixture that normally wouldn't look all that appealing, except for the numbers, curliques, watermarks, and patriotic propaganda that miraculously make it so.

Now,. that's a literal interpretation. But the thing about money is that it isn't green figuratively, either. I mean, look around- we're still (kind of, not really, but let's say so for dramatic effect) the richest country in the world, and how many chlorofluorocarbons do we have floating around our atmosphere?

I won't go into the tirade that goes on and on and on about how we could recycle more. Or about how we could try manufacturing cars with stricter emission standards. Or even about how we could just plain be a little more careful about life in general and we'd save our grandchildren from having to clean up quite so much of our mess. No, I won't go into that.

All I'll say, quite truthfully, is that we at Dartmouth are all about green, right? An alumna speaking at the Dartmouth Club of Long Island dinner a few weeks ago unraveled a rather graphic description of just how green every student's blood is. And she seems to be correct.

So, apart from the going-green programs I'm sure we all participate in- apart from the work organizations have done helping the world to go green, maybe we can each do something to make ourselves just a little greener...

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