July 20, 2009

Sanford puts back on his Bible Belt

Governor Mark Sanford continues in his attempts to win back the trust of the people of South Carolina. His latest attempt? An editorial written to "The State" (a newspaper out of South Carolina) in which he reaffirmed his faith in God and said that God will make him a better person. Of course, I'm no biblical scholar or even a church-goer but I fail to see how God could help you improve your own personal behavior. After all, He did give us all free will. And if Sanford was such a good Christian, he never would've been in this situation to begin with. "Thou shalt not commit adultery" is one of the ten commandments.

Hopefully the people of South Carolina will see that Sanford is just trying to use their religion to get back in their good graces. As much as I like writing about him, I just wish he'd go away.

I should do a whole blog post about religion, growing up in the South as a non-religious person has given me an interesting perspective on it. When I figure out how not to offend anyone by talking about religion, I'll do it.

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