July 24, 2009

Is Healthcare a Right?

In the discussions about healthcare reform, some conservatives are making an interesting claim. They say that healthcare is not a right, and that we are not obligated to provide it. For an example of such an argument, read this article.

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  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Interesting article. America is a bit unique in that we don't think of Health Care as a right the way Europeans do. As an American I don't either. That's because a personal right to Health Care requires the agency of doctors to perform that care. It is difficult to have a right to something that requires someone to do something for you instead of a right that requires them from refraining from doing something (right to life-> refrain from killing, right to property-> refrain from stealing).

    Your point about education also being a right complicates things for me, though. I tend to think that it is a right, but that would go against my agency argument (here usually requiring the action of a teacher, though not necessarily).