July 21, 2009

The Latest on Sarah Palin

It's long been known that people in the public eye tend to have skeletons in their closets. Well, everyone has a few skeletons-- people with more to lose just pile 'em up faster.

Take, for example, everyone's favorite Republican Barbie (cough), Sarah Palin. There was that whole unpleasant incident with her daughter's boyfriend's mother- which, frankly, the press could've stayed out of. But then again, if the press stayed out of politicians' personal lives what would we Americans have to do with our free time?

Ignoring the personal scandals, though, Palin may have messed up her track record for good this time (or so some of us self-respecting women hope). The Alaska Fund Trust, which she established to fundraise for her legal fees, has not turned out to be the best idea. For one thing, there's that whole unpleasant using-public-office-for-personal-gain thing that makes certain American politicians look so bad sometimes.

Well, time will tell if Palin's fund will be shut down- according to the Washington Post, it's still accepting donations- but it sure sounds fishy to me. Doesn't Palin have enough money of her own without using her political clout to grab some more?

Maybe she's trying to get a head start on fundraising for her possible 2012 presidential bid... Though I doubt the Alaska Fund Trust will look like much more than lemonade-stand change in the face of President Obama's campaign fundraising records. The Obama campaign raised $150 million dollars in September 2008 alone.

Take that, Republican Barbie.

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  1. Back in September 2008, we saw her wagging her finger that Hillary Clinton, that Hillary should not whine about tough media coverage, she was not doing women any good, she should just plow through it, she should have known what she was getting into and should just try harder and prove herself. “WOW”, I guess she loves measuring others by standards that she does not follow. What a hypocrite, but expected from most political false prophets types. Now we see that she attempted used her official position for personal gain, this is too sweet. Thank you Sarah, great job.