July 20, 2009

What Else? ...The Moon Landing

Everyone in America has heard about the moon landing. Everyone in America knows that today's the fortieth anniversary. Everyone in America is reading up on that famous event today- right?

Well, sure. Lots of people are. But everyone? ...I don't think so. Some people are more busy reading up on more important things, like the news that Jon Gosselin didn't actually cheat on Kate and the sudden revelation that some bloggers have enough time and few enough scruples to post questionably obtained footage of Erin Andrews in her hotel room. And then of course there's the seemingly ever-present coverage of Michael Jackson's love child(ren)- I wonder how many millions the TV networks are making off of that never-before-heard development?

I won't deny that this stuff is interesting. Like every other good American citizen, I occasionally indulge myself by reading the "Entertainment" sections on the news websites. Entertainment. Yeah.

But today? Armstrong and Aldrin and everyone involved in making the moon landing happen would probably appreciate it if we also took a look at some lunar-related news. Here's a (long) article refuting pretty much every conspiracy theory ever concocted involving the landing:


Since I've never really read up on the conspiracy theories before, this article actually made me think about the possibility that the theories could be right-- but only for about a millisecond. I feel enough pride for Armstrong and pride plus pity for Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon!) to believe NASA's story. Either way, this article seems to have its sources for both sides listed at the bottom of the page, so whether you  feel like becoming very, very educated about the moon landing or want to indulge in the conspiracy-theory kind of "Entertainment," go right ahead.

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