July 24, 2009

What She Said

I normally don't look to CNN's iReport for engaging commentary, but I think this woman really hits the nail on the head with the Henry Louis Gates controversy.

Here's her basic argument
  1. Gates's neighbor likely racially profiled him, but the police did not. Gates should direct his anger at his spiteful neighbor instead of the dutiful police officers.
  2. The arresting officer did not act wrongly, but likely was swayed emotionally in his decision to arrest Gates by Gates's extremely rude and confrontational behavior.
  3. We, the American public, don't yet have all the information and therefore should not prejudge the situation. Obama was wrong and ignorant to say the officer acted "stupidly."
  4. Gates's economic class is being ignored in favor of talking about his race. The correct question to act is not "Would a white man would have also been arrested?" (I'd say, yes they would... I watch a lot of "COPS"), it is, "Would a poor black man have been similarly let off?" The news media rarely focus on the plight of poor black victims of racial injustice.
  5. Race politics are dominated by "pseudo-black leaders" and academics who profit off of and exploit tensions instead of ameliorating them. Gates has based his career on this and is now moving to cash in on his present situation.


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