March 11, 2005

Another Dartmouth blog

Launched March 9, Voices in the Wilderness purports to be "A forum for discussion of all things Dartmouth":

With that in mind, we began this forum in the hope that it can be a place where all views on the subject are discussed, weighed and valued in a true marketplace of ideas. There are already many sites where debate has been joined, but this one is singular in purpose and devoid of the baggage that comes with other causes. We welcome any and all thoughts regarding Dartmouth, and hope that better understanding of all positions will result.

Slight problem: you can't make comments, and you can't reach the two authors by email, either. So far all the posts concern the trustee election and just circuitously applaud the petition candidates in a completely bland and vapid way.

Don't even bother visiting, actually.

1 comment:

  1. What the fuck is a "true marketplace of ideas?" Do people even read the shit they write these days?