March 11, 2005

Dartmouth on The Daily Show

John Stewart apparently took a mild shot at Dartmouth last night?

Stewart: "this weekend debuts the new SAT test. It tells whether you'll be a success or a Dartmouth grad."

And I thought producing 500 i-bankers a year would make us cool...


  1. I don't think he's making fun of Dartmouth (or at least not as directly and exclusively as it may appear). There are all of these times articles about all these NY suburban kids whose parents pawned the Range Rover to pay for a small army of SAT tutors, etc. The point is that, for this crowd, anything short of Harvard will mean that skipping this year's Bahamas trip was a sacrifice made in vain.

  2. Well, in other news, more dirt on Joe Malchow from Dartblog: he is "no fan" of John Stewart.

    I guess that puts Joe in the fucking lame-as-hell company of Tucker Carlson, doesn't it? (And remember that time Crossfire came to Dartmouth and Carlson tried to make some joke about not getting into Dartmouth but by the tone of his whiny voice betrayed his own resentment? Funny how that all comes back around.)