March 21, 2005

Dartmouth blogs: liberals wanted

Todd Zywicki of Volokh and insurgency fame likes what he sees with the Dartmouth blog-o-bubble: a blogger, I can't help but admire the sophisticated conversations going on in these student and recent-student blogs. Assuming similar things are going on at other schools, the implications of the blog revolution for alumni who want to keep track of the full story of what is really happening at their various institutions is really quite profound.

Of course, it seems like only Zywicki's right eye is working well: Joe's Dartblog, Dartlog, the Dartmouth Observer, and the beautifully named Voices in the Wilderness are the blogs he cites.

Partly, this is because there's no comparable network of liberal bloggers at Dartmouth. It's a shame, really. Let me know if I'm missing any, but, other than us, the only extant Dartmouth blog I know of with a consistent commitment to liberal ideas is Free Dartmouth (how about a permanent link to us, guys?), and it's in serious need of more posters.

So go join the distinguished Tim Waligore at Free Dartmouth, he started the damn Free Press after all, and writes for The Nation! Or start your own blog! We're doing our best here, but we're only one blog...

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  1. Great to have read what you have just written! Nice thoughts! Thanks and hoping to read more from you. Keep the posts coming!