March 1, 2005

A Drinker's Peace


Yesterday I turned 21. It has been a long 21 years. Or has it? I can't really remember my first memory at all, not with any surety... so I really have no way of proving to myself how long I've actually been alive. What a mindfuck eh? With those kinds of annoying thoughts in my head I had good reason to go out and get drunk last night.

Ramunto's was my first stop on this guided drinking tour. Had the 22oz of Long Trail. Pretty good deal! Pretty decent beer! I thought about working at Ramuntos earlier this term. I really needed some cash.

For some reason my companions and I decided to have like three rounds at Molly's. The crowd wasn't so much for me, a lot of suits hanging out after work (it was around 8pm). The lighting, too, was a little cheesy. The "Time to Eat" clock just made me want to vomit in anger. Margaritas were decent. Had a couple of those. Sapphire Martini... well, lets just say I don't really like Martinis. Still trying to figure out why I hung out here so long. I suppose cuz someone else was buyin' the drinks.

Now here was a pleasant suprise. I never "got" Murphy's. The food has always been terrible, the accomodations cramped, and the guy who owns it had the gall to open up that horrible "mexican" restaurant a few doors down. BUT the BAR! My god, it was like heaven. Or London, or something. The dude spoke with this great Irish accent, said I looked 16, and slapped down a gift certificate to come back whenever. Normally that last item would've been a little too TGI Friday's for my taste, but it was totally redeemed by the fact that it looked hand made and was soaked in beer. My companion and I had a pitcher of Heffevisen. Their Jalapeno Poppers are pretty insane. I really can't recommend them to anyone, unless, like, you are a Dragon.

5 Olde-
5 Olde was just as disgusting as I expected it to be. SIGN ME UP! Had a Long Island Iced Tea, very palatable. The tender was sweet, too. Of course by this point I had gotten all grand with my planning and was in a hurry to catch a free milk shake at Ben and Jerry's before it closed. I vaguely remember having a conversation with the guy next to us about something Indie or other... some band...?

Ben and Jerry's-
Was closed.

India Queen-
Taking Aurelia's advice, I headed next to India Queen. There was a private party going on. Eight drunk people singing Karaoke. I was not impressed. Frankly I don't like Indian food. And the owner, as "cool" as he might be, still creeps me the fuck out. SO yeah, I was in and out in like two minutes.

Well, that concluded my drinkin' tour. Headed off to play Pong. Its the Dartmouth way. Note that I did not stop at Mai Thai (for I've been drinking there for the past three years, thanks to their "ID Card?" policy), or The Canoe Club (because my shoes click rather than crunch).

I think Murphy's is going to become my spot.

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