March 13, 2005


In an earlier post (now removed), I ended up implying that Brian Kennedy, new Director of the Hood, was involved in censoring the Sensation exhibition in Australia, a loaded claim I couldn't susbtantiate. My post was intended more to have fun at the expense of the commentators at Dartlog, which lauded Kennedy for "criticizing" the Sensation exhibition and quoted a comment from the World Socialist Web Site that attacked Kennedy for alleged censorship. (Note to self: Be careful about trusting socialist web sites cited on Dartlog.)

Dartlog now links to some interesting information about how there were complicated issues involving museum ethics and financing that (at least ostensibly) were the primary cause for the cancellation of the original Brooklyn exhbition and, in turn, the Australia one planned by Kennedy. Though I'm a little hesitant to accept that the questionable self-financing of the show was the only factor behind the Brooklyn cancellation, and that other political pressures weren't at work, I just want to make it clear that extenuating circumstances, and a legitimate ethical dilemma, led Kennedy to make the decision to cancel that show. In fact it's obvious he really wanted to bring "Sensation" to Australia.

Dr. Kennedy -- so far, so good, after all.

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