March 11, 2005

Senator Sununu's letter to me

Recently I sent a letter to New Hampshire Senator John Sununu (R - I voted against him) about doing more to stop the Darfur genocide. Got a response today. Sununu, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, informs me that

The United States has provided over $100 million in humanitarian support for Cetnral African countries this year, and we have provided $14 million in emergency supprt for humanitarian assistance activities in eastern Chad and the Darfur region of western Sudan. This assistance is part of an allocation announced by the President on June 24, 2004, from the Emergency Refugee and Migrtion Assitance Fund.

$14 million? Holy Shit! That's 0.00065 % of what the federal government spent in 2003. It's $41.42 per person killed in the genocide so far (c. 338,000).

This is piss poor. Again, if you think what the U.S. is doing to stop this is inadequate, go here and here to send more letters to your congressmen, the president, Kofi Annan, etc.

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