March 6, 2005

Living by the coin

This is an important matter Clifford and I have discussed in the midst of several drunken fits. It's high time we put forth this insight of ours to the world.

We reasoned that the best way to make the most important personal life decisions -- those that don't really affect other people directly -- is to flip a coin.

I just did it for a relatively minor but not insignificant choice I had to make and I'm pretty happy with my decision.


  1. it makes me sad to say this, since you all usually make so few spelling/grammar errors, but you mean "effect" not "affect."

  2. Well it pains me even more to say this, but I'm afraid you're wrong:

    To effect X is to cause X to happen.

    To affect Y is to influence or have an impact on Y.

    It would be difficult, especially for a male, to "effect other people."

    Nice try though. Try calling Vardaman out on grammar and spelling, it's easier.