March 2, 2005

Democracy For America at Dartmouth

The Committee on Sponsoring Organizations just gave official recognition to a new student group, Democracy For America at Dartmouth, whose primary aims include

establishing a chapter of the national organization of Democracy For America (Burlington, VT) for Dartmouth students, in order to pursue a range of projects focused on activist training, candidate recruitment, and sponsorship of progressive academic causes and speakers on campus.

Though it will focus on advancing the causes of social progressivism and fiscal responsibility, and will endorse political candidates who embody these ideals, DFA Dartmouth, or "Dartmouth For Democracy," will be oriented not so much around political parties but around issues and activism, like the greater DFA itself, which was an offshoot of Howard Dean's presidential primary campaign, and somewhat like America Coming Together and

I know this because I was at the COSO meeting speaking for DFA Dartmouth.

Sarah Ayres '06 is the founder of DFA Dartmouth.

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  1. Okay. In my life I already have DFA Records (label of LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Black Dice, The Fall)... AND the band Death From Above 1979 (who were sued by the aforementioned label and forced to tack on that 1979)... I really do NOT need another DFA acronym in my life. No matter how great the cause.