March 20, 2005

Want intellectual diversity?

Go to Pat Robertson's Regent University and take classes with a true theocratic fascist:
Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft will serve Regent University in its new Center for Law and Justice beginning July 1, 2005, as a Distinguished Professor of Law and Government. In his new role, Ashcroft will teach law and government courses for the nation's premier Christian graduate school.

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  1. Here you can find quotes from distinguished Regent University Alumni. I find this quote to be particularly frightening (actually the first sentence alone is frightening enough if you know anything about their theocratic curriculum):

    "I was elected to a six-year term as Circuit Court Judge for the 6th Judicial District....In my position, I have felt the stress of decision making and I am fully aware that the decisions I make everyday have a great impact on the lives of people who appear before me in court. I praise God and pray that I continue to seek His guidance in all the decisions that I make...I have such fond memories of Regent University and am a very grateful alum who has been deeply Blessed." 

    Ronald J. Pahl 

    Class of 1989