April 23, 2005

Alumni Magazine errata :(

Just received my first Dartmouth Alumni Magazine in the mail. Kinda strange feeling. Anyway, I noticed they have a small "Blogs to Log" feature on page 27. The five blogs mentioned are Dartlog, Free Dartmouth, Vox Baby, Dartblogs, and Joe's Dartblog. That's three conservative blogs, one liberal, and one community blog. The Little Green Blog does not get mentioned. :(

The feature was composed by Sue DuBois '05, who George says is actually a liberal. Interesting.

Also, the article on the War and Peace Studies Program is titled "More than Dostoevsky".



  1. Sue DuBois is quite liberal, and a great person! Bummer that our blog wasn't mentioned, but if we write a note to the alumni magazine we could probably be in the next list of blogs.

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Hey guys!
    Sue DuBois here! :) Sorry the blog wasn't mentioned--it obviously had no partisan slant basis! But kate's right--if you have any beef with the magazine--send a letter to the editor! And, if you think about it--it's also a great way to get the word out about your blog--and have more than like 7 words in which to do so! :)

    Happy Sunday.