April 15, 2005

Blog post of the day

Well, yesterday technically. From Fartlog, "[Nathaniel] Ward '05 Beaten Up By Girl." An excerpt:

...Ward '05 entered a rousing rendition of "Men of Dartmouth," complete with faux-Indian Rain Dance and accompanying gesticulations, attracting the attention of members of the fairer sex supping on the lawn nearby. They proceeded to surround him; the grinding and gnashing of teeth followed. Ward broke his fear-induced paralysis and backed up, reciting lines from The Quotable Ronald Reagan which stopped the feminists in their steps...

Let's hope the priceless parody keeps coming from there, with the addition of W. Thurston Stanfordshiresbury as a contributor. And that I can return to blogging more after straggling through this thesis chapter ("nothing to express, nothing with which to express, nothing from which to express, no power to express, no desire to express, together with the obligation to express" --Samuel Beckett).

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