April 13, 2005

Honest sexual frustration, chauvinism, preadolescent fantasizing

Over at Joe Malchow's new intercollegiate conservative blog Editorial Board, Ilya Laskin of Boston Univ. has a post called "Conservatism--A C*%k-Block" lamenting,

Alas, I am without female companionship. Unless, of course, the girl I've been religiously stalking qualifies as a partner. But being a self-proclaimed conservative, I've found dating to be particularly difficult at college. As if it wasn't bad enough having to overcome insecurity and overwhelming self-conciousness, I now have to deal with political differences. Case and point [sic]: A girl who, for sake of anonymity, shall be henceforth known as Unsuccesful Hook-Up Attempt #7, expressed to me her fear of what she felt was an inevitable draft. I sent her a nice article from Slate explaining how the controversy over a military draft was nothing more than a democratic ploy to garner opposition to the war in Iraq. Her response? "You're so naiive." I was astounded. I didn't know how to respond to her. From what I gathered of her intellect, hand puppets seemed like the only method of teaching that would have any effect on her. Oh well....She's probably a lesbian anyway.

Meanwhile Jason Broander of U Chicago, in his post "On Republican Girlfriends", writes that

Mine, alas, is staunchly liberal. The advantage of this, though, is that I have to keep my wit sharp and my arguments sound. But one day, I'll assimilate her...

You can also find them fawning over a picture of Natalie Portman posted on there -- good look with that, lads.

No women contribute to the Editorial Board.


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Has anyone considered what, in fact, they are editors of?
    Not to mention they are hosted by the Dartmouth Beacon.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    From what I can tell, this "Editorial Board" website is some sort of "Star Trek" fan club.

  3. I remember when George thought I was a republican.