April 19, 2005

Endorsements by bloggers

How the people of the Dartmouth blog-o-bubble, mostly at Dartlog, are casting their ballots in the SA election:

Joe Rago: Paul Heintz

Stethers White: Paul Heintz

Scott Glabe: Noah Riner

Kale Bongers: Brian Martin

Joe Malchow: Who cares what Joe Malchow thinks

Fartlog: Michael Ellis ("Although he is the editor-in-chief of Fartlog parody and neo-conservative rag The Dartmouth Review, he is a close associate of the revered William F. Buckley, Jr. ... He has absolutely fabulous command of the game of wickets, and is a breath-taking prodigy at draughts. While he could further develop his polo game, we will not count it against him. And his appreciation for fine port is unparalleled.")

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