April 11, 2005

Re: "Jumping the shark"

It seems Frank Rich of The New York Times has been reading our blog. After George's post on the phrase's rise to meta-significance below, Rich ends his latest op-ed article by writing:

We don't know the identity of the corpse that will follow the pope in riveting the nation's attention. What we do know is that the reality show we've made of death has jumped the shark, turning from a soporific television diversion into the cultural embodiment of the apocalyptic right's growing theocratic crusade.

And I had never even heard the phrase till George informed me of it. Then again, I've never seen "Jaws," either.

Oh and the op-ed is, not surprisingly, amazing. Rich continues to take on and take apart the perverse culture of the far right better than other, whinier liberals out there do.

1 comment:

  1. He's also apparently a fan of the Fiery Furnaces:

    "They are also, like Mel Gibson and the fiery nun of 'Revelations,' to the right of the largely conservative pontiff they say they revere."

    This guy is cool. He's ready to go big; he should write for this blog.