April 8, 2005

Tell a friend

Well this will come across as incredibly self-promotional, but yeah, it is. Seriously though, I feel like this blog has become a semi-legitimate forum for liberal ideas, probably the best such forum for Dartmouth students to be found online, with Free Dartmouth still floundering. But even after our two-day facebook.com advertising campaign, which cost us $ 26 and put us $ 9 in debt, we get an average of just 150 visitors daily and 70 people who actually read the posts. I'd say a good estimate is that we have a core readership of 100-150 people. If you're one of them, well then you're sweet. But I'd definitely like to see more. And it would only make the forum more interesting, with more comments and more outreach for all the ideas/causes we try to cover (in addition to the laughs Wuk provides), the Darfur humanitarian effort being a good example.

Mass blitzes suck, and word-of-mouth does not. So I would like to ask each of you core readers to tell a friend about us if you could be so kind. A friend who would like it and keep visiting, if possible. Just give them a blitz or drop the name of your blog in conversation -- the latter will make you sound really cool, trust me. It's that easy.

Cool, I did it. Thanks and keep on reading. I expect 300 visitors Monday.

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  1. Blogs are inherently self promotional. You're just embracing the medium.