April 3, 2005

Cut down by the Tree of Knowledge

You know how Einstein got hit by that apple from the tree and then felt like an idiot? The tree was the Tree of Knowledge, a k a Google. Now I have had a few ideas in my life so far, only to find out they were all already thought up. You probably know what I'm talking about. My most recent example: feeling an affront at seeing "ridiculous" yet again spelled "rediculous," stopping myself from breaking something, and channelling the anger into positive creativity by coining, insofar as my knowledge went, the word "bluediculous" and insulting the intelligence of my friend who wrote "rediculous."

Predictably by now, "bluediculous" was used on like a dozen separate occasions before I ever used it. And, yes, you guessed it again, even "blackdiculous" is attested, though I hesitate to learn in what context.

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