April 17, 2006

The Beautiful People's Club

I've been doing a bit of reading these days on the underlying concepts of creating welfare states, with a lot of dialogue on just what the sources of inequity in society are, and which of them are worth correcting. Even the borderline-pyschotic, willful ignorance of libertarianism can grant that any form of discrimination is bad, if an individual is not being granted opportunities based on merit. Of course, what happens if the discrimination is just a bit too ingrained in our culture?

"For instance, the essential difference between a ranting lunatic like Ann Coulter - who at a national GOP event last month gave a speech in which she referred to Arabs as "ragheads," and who has opined that "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" - and the schizophrenic bag lady who wanders the downtown mall is that Coulter is equipped with a law degree and long glossy blonde hair."

Now, I'm sure Ms. Coulter's law degree counts for something, but we all know that its not the main reason she has an audience. That quote is from a wonderful little op-ed column by Paul Campos titled Heed the Fat Bald Guy Rule that's been getting links and mentions about the internet lately. It might not change your opinion of fairness in society, but at least you've got a good conversation piece now.

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  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    The law degree helps. No one listens when Pam Anderson rants about policy.